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This site gives you the possibility to download the oopl kernel and build Prolog programs in OO style.

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For use of the current implementation you also need to download Amzi! Prolog version 7.* from http://www.amzi.com.

What do you get?

The oopl release file contains

  • The oopl kernel and sources

  • Examples and sources

  • Documentation (manual)

  • Release notes & license

The oopl kernel lets you structure your Prolog programs with objects and classes. Oopl is a very powerful yet compact kernel, including multiple inheritance and the ability to run time change both instance and class structures and hierarchy.

Future Work

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What would Java have looked like if the guys had been into functional programming?

SMART, the "once ever" to be follow up of oopl, aims to let you program in Java, yet making seamless use of the power of Prolog underneath. This is not the well known "Prolog compiler written in Java", but more like an extension of the Java language.

Please enjoy my software. 

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